MiPBX | Integrate mipbx with Zoho CRM

Step 1: Authorize MiPBX

1. Login to MiPBX domain with your account.( If you do not have a MiPBX account, please contact with us at: 19001238 or contact@mitek.vn)
2. On the left sidebar click on “Integration Icon. Go to '''Zoho PhoneBridge'''
3. Next choose the location of your zoho account then click the blue “Integrate” button

4. Then login to your Zoho CRM account with role admin and make sure location like your choose above.

5. Please click the green “Accept” button.

6. Waiting for installing..

MiPBX integration successfully

Note: After MiPBX was installed, you please reload the page to make sure your integration successfully

Step 2: Associate MiPBX users with Zoho CRM Users

       1. Now we will sync your Zoho CRM users. Click the active toggle button then click the blue “Sync” button to sync users. 

2. Next we will associate your Zoho CRM users with their extensions on the MiPBX platform. Click the “pencil icon” button to choose an extension then click “Save”

3. Next click the “enable PopupCall” to push call notify to ZohoCRM users

4. Click the “enable Clicktodial” toggle button if you need to make outbound call in ZohoCRM

5. Finally, click the blue “Close” button


If you do not have a MiPBX account or You need support for MiPBX integration with Zoho CRM please contact with us at: 19001238 or contact@mitek.vn

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